Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

Win-Win for Businesses and the Planet

Placing significant emphasis on eco-friendly measures, consumers now prefer electric vehicles, which require fast charging points installations at commercial and residential premises. These charging stations fulfill your fuelling needs, offer you convenience, and may boost your new EV charging business.

Solar Solutions Oxford provides expert EV charger installations, bringing ease for your stakeholders and profit for your business. Beyond electrifying your fleet and serving customer base, we also aim to reduce carbon footprints.

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Quality Services, Maximum Customer Convenience

Contributing to eco-sustainability, customer convenience, and EV business development, Solar Solutions Oxford provides efficient commercial EV charging station installations.

We fulfill NICEIC and OZEV regulatory protocols and house licenced staff, the latest equipment, and professional expertise to ensure excellent customer service. We offer bespoke installation services to cater to our clients’ diverse needs. Hire our installers, and let us boost your EV business.

Power Up Your Business Growth

Commercial EV charging station installation offers numerous advantages that benefit businesses, consumers, and the environment.

Attracting and Retaining Customers:

EV charging facility attracts growing segment of eco-conscious customers who prefer sustainable transportation. Providing this added convenience increases customer loyalty & foot traffic to a business, such as retail stores, restaurants, and venues.

Enhancing Your Brand Reputation

Investing in electric car charging stations showcases your commitment to environmental sustainability. This positive association bolsters your brand reputation and attracts environmentally conscious partners and investors.

Adapting to the Regulatory Environment

We are prepared to comply with evolving environmental policies as governments and local authorities incentivise the adoption of electric vehicles and implement stricter emission regulations.

Building Partnerships

We enable you to collaborate with electric utilities, charging network providers, or EV manufacturers, creating valuable partnerships and opening up new business opportunities.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Embracing the transition to electric mobility helps you future-proof your operations and demonstrate your adaptability in an ever-changing market landscape.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

By promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and charging points, we help you
significantly contribute to
greenhouse gas reduction.

We Follow a Customer-Centric Approach

Solar Solutions Oxford understands the specific parameters that make their service distinct in the market:

Bespoke Installations

Our EV installation services are tailored to suit our clients’ preferences.

Effective Project Management

From site assessment and planning to procurement and installation, we take care of every aspect of the project.

Scalable Solutions

We provide scalable charging solutions, enabling our clients to expand their EV charging capabilities as their needs grow

Compliance and Safety

Our installed charging stations meet all necessary safety standards and certifications, ensuring the well-being of users and the surrounding environment.

Affordable EV Installation Solutions

Solar Solutions Oxford offers excellent customer service and affordable commercial EV charger installations for its commercial clients across the UK. Whatever your requirements, we can discuss your preferences and plan a service package as per your suitability at an affordable cost.

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