EV Charger Installation in Hampshire

An EV charger, also known as an electric vehicle charger or charging station, is a device used to recharge electric vehicles (EVs). EV chargers provide the necessary electrical energy to replenish the battery of an electric vehicle, allowing it to operate and travel distances.

EV chargers come in different types, ranging from basic home chargers to more advanced public charging stations, and professional EV charger installation in Hampshire ensures safe, efficient, and smooth functioning of these chargers.

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Professional Installation for Maximum Efficiency

At Solar Solutions Oxford, our quick and efficient installations, well-qualified and experienced staff, keen attention to detail, and quality customer services are key elements that distinguish us from others.

Our solar panel installers in Wales house the latest equipment to install your solar panels and turn your property into an energy-efficient building.

Comprehensive Services at your Convenience

Our solar installation company believes in maximum client convenience; that’s why we offer numerous services, from feasible planning of solar panel installation to perfect completion.

Design & Consultation: Our experienced professionals work closely with you to design a solar panel system that perfectly fits your property and energy goals. We provide comprehensive consultations, ensuring you have all the information to decide on your solar power system.

Services & Support: We understand the importance of maximising your investment and saving money, so we provide detailed information and assistance in finding the best deals and utilising available incentives.

Energy Monitoring: Our advanced monitoring tools enable you to examine your system performance in real time. By analysing data and identifying potential issues or inefficiencies, we ensure your system operates optimally and delivers maximum energy efficiency.

Guaranteed Services: With a dedication to customer service, we create value for your money, so we offer a minimum of two years’ guarantee on our installations. In case of any issue, our team will reach you instantly to resolve your problems.

Free Quotation: To address the needs and requirements of our clients, our solar panel installers in Wales offer free quotations so that you can plan your project with expert consultation and get a feasible outlet for your solar panel installation.

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Solar Solutions Oxford is Oxfordshire’s Solar PV specialist, We can fit solar panels with or without battery storage. Contact Us 01865 570773

Solar Panel

Transform Your Home with Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions

With technological advancements and decreasing costs, solar panels are becoming increasingly accessible, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Solar panels harness the power of sunlight and offer a reliable and efficient alternative to minimise our dependence on finite fossil fuels

Very Low Maintenance

Our professionals assemble durable solar panels that require minimum maintenance. However, you may require regular cleaning to clear dirt or debris for optimal performance.

Longer Lifespan

Well-crafted from microchips, solar panels have an extended lifespan of 25-30 years, saving your costs of frequent replacements for energy.

Significant Environmental Benefits

As solar panels utilise solar rays to produce power, they are a clean, green and sustainable energy source, contributing towards a greener environment.

Increased Property Value

Solar installations are seen as a valuable and desirable feature by potential buyers, offering an attractive selling point if you decide to sell your property in the future.

Cost-effective Installations

Acting as a permanent source of clean energy, solar panels are cost-effective, reducing your energy bills.


If you are seeking advice or would like a free quote, we would love to chat about all things solar with you.