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An EV charger, also known as an electric vehicle charger or charging station, is a device used to recharge electric vehicles (EVs). EV chargers provide the necessary electrical energy to replenish the battery of an electric vehicle, allowing it to operate and travel distances.

EV chargers come in different types, ranging from basic home chargers to more advanced public charging stations, and professional EV charger installation in Hampshire ensures safe, efficient, and smooth functioning of these chargers.

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Seamless EV Charging Solutions: Our Installation is Simple

Solar Solutions Oxford is a government-approved EV charge point installation company bringing sustainable solutions to your doorstep. Our dedicated team of engineering specialists covers the entire UK, providing top-notch installations for homes, businesses, and fleets of any size.

With our expertise, we support your transition to EV and offer exceptional maintenance and aftercare services. As approved installers of renowned EV charger manufacturers like Tesla, SyncEV, Zaptec, and Ohme, we offer unbiased advice and the perfect charger for your needs.

Why Install EV Chargers at Home?

The journey to being a true green electric vehicle owner starts when you install an EV charger at your home. You can finally say goodbye to hunting for public charging stations and getting stuck in traffic with a low battery. Having your own charger will save time and money.

You can always leave home or work with a completely charged automobile every time. If you partner with us, we offer different charging options like 3kW, 7kW, or three-phase 22kW chargers. With faster and safer charging, you’ll have peace of mind and be on the road in no time!

Can I Install an EV Charger on my Property?

When it comes to installing electric car charging stations in Hampshire, it’s good to leave it to the professionals at Solar Solutions Oxford. Our certified electrician will evaluate your home or office’s electrical system and recommend a suitable EV charging station for you.

Remember, if you’re considering having an EV charger at your home, there are a few requirements to meet: you must own the property or have approval from the owner, have access to a home Wi-Fi network, and have your own off-street parking spot.

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Solar Solutions Oxford is Oxfordshire’s Solar PV specialist, We can fit solar panels with or without battery storage. Contact Us 01865 570773

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What is our EV Charger Installation Process?

Solar Solutions Oxford understands that bespoke home EV charging station installation in Hampshire can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve simplified the procedure to make it effortless for you.

Survey and Authorisation

We assess your home through the photos you provide, ensuring a safe connection to your electrical system. We'll contact your electrical network provider to obtain the required authorisation if needed.

Transparent Pricing

Before you make any payments, we inform you about any non-standard costs. The fee we cite is the definitive price you pay, with no unexpected extras.

Safe and Professional Installation

Our expert team installs your charger at your home. We carefully run up to 10 metres of durable and secure cabling from your fuse box, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. We conduct thorough testing to ensure your charger is fully operational.

Connection and Safety

If possible, we connect your charger to your existing fuse box and install a safety cut-off device. We can install a second consumer unit to ensure a safe connection if needed.

Load Management Technology

In cases where homes have limited spare capacity, we equip our chargers with load management technology. Through a monitoring clamp, the charger ensures sufficient power and adjusts itself if needed.

Electrical Certificate and Compliance

We provide you with an electrical certificate demonstrating that your EV charger has been installed safely and complies with the latest electrical regulations. Our chargers meet rigorous government regulations and safety standards.

Why Opt for our EV Installation Service?

  • Trusted Accreditation: Our EV charging point installation experts in Hampshire are OZEV-accredited and certified.
  • Government Grant Support: If you qualify for a government grant, we assist in sourcing a charging point for you. If not, our technicians provide guidance on the best charge point options available in the market.
  • Leading Manufacturers: We collaborate with renowned manufacturers like Tesla, SyncEV, Zaptec, Ohme, and more, ensuring access to top-quality charging solutions.
  • Comprehensive Service: Our qualified engineers cater to all property types, including businesses. Grants are obtainable for workplace charging, allowing the electric vehicle charging points in Hampshire of up to 20 single and ten double EV sockets.
  • Qualified and Compliant: Our EV home charger installation specialists have obtained relevant qualifications (level 3) and comply with the IET code of practice and the newest BS7671 rules.
  • Professional Equipment: Our engineers arrive completely equipped with high-class tools to ensure precise and efficient fitting of your charging device.


If you are seeking advice or would like a free quote, we would love to chat about all things solar with you.